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Legal services

The main types of services that we provide:

Planning and legal support for transactions includes:

  • participation and legal support in legal transactions starting from the planning stage, selection of optimal legal and tax solutions;
  • preparation of necessary contracts and other legal instruments, analysis and correction of documents prepared by other parties;
  • participation in negotiations with contractors and regulators;
  • ensuring the accuracy of the implementation of the agreements reached into legally correct documents;
  • control over the execution of concluded transactions;
  • other actions necessary for the successful implementation of the transaction.

We develop both legal solutions for individual situations (for example, an agreement for the sale and purchase of shares of a particular company) and standard solutions (model agreements for the sale, supply, provision of services, etc.).

The development of standard solutions may include the preparation of a set of documents, for example, an application, a contract, amendments to a contract, etc.

Depending on the nature of the business activities of the Customer, a standard agreement can be drawn up as a set of provisions of the Customer (transaction rules, privacy policy, rules for handling complaints, etc.), for example, posted on the Customer’s website, an offer to the Customer and the Customer’s acceptance.

We also analyse and identify the legal risks of documents prepared by the client’s counterparty and make changes to the extent permitted.

We develop a full package of documents to regulate the work of online stores, fin-tech companies, portals for the provision of various services.

We also conduct audit procedures for existing solutions and perform their point-by-point refinement and optimisation.

Provision of legal support for mergers or acquisitions of companies. We provide a full range of legal services related to mergers and acquisitions, as well as execution of a separate part within this process, for instance, performing legal due diligence of a separate structure or management.

We provide proper coverage of the legal component in the planning of corporate structures, including in terms of control of civil liability, tax liability, subordination relations, control, and so on.

We develop any internal regulatory documents (local acts) of corporate structures, both non-publishable and intended for publication. Among other things, the development of packages of documents related to labour legislation (such documents as employment contracts, job descriptions, internal regulations), the development of various procedures (descriptions-instructions of internal processes in the organisation), etc.

Proper consideration of tax factors in the planning of individual transactions and corporate structures in general, as well as in the audit of existing structures.

We ensure legally correct interaction between the Customer and foreign law firms in the event that the Customer engages the latter to provide services abroad.

This service is relevant, first of all, in cases of engaging expensive foreign law firms (for example, English or French firms of the upper echelon), when the interaction process can be facilitated and some of the less complex legal work can be performed by the Customer, but the Customer lacks appropriate resources at their disposal, or those resources are occupied performing other tasks. By undertaking to carry out this work, we provide significant savings for the Customer (often 50% or more) due to the multiple difference in the costs for hourly rates for our time and the time of the lawyers of the corresponding foreign firm.

We provide legal coverage for the full range of issues related to the acquisition, ownership, management, protection and transfer of real estate.

We provide representation of the interests of the Customer in courts in both civil and administrative disputes (for example, tax disputes, disputes related to building permits, issuance or revocation of various licenses, etc.), as well as in some categories of criminal cases.

We provide representation of the interests of the Customer in public institutions including both state and local government structures, as well as with their officials.

Consulting and assistance in the selection and formation of an appropriate entrepreneurial entity, preparation of a package of documents required for registration, as well as preparation of decisions of directors and shareholder meetings, respectively, decisions affecting corporate changes. Support for opening bank accounts. Provision of a full range of actions for the liquidation of legal entities and their associations.

Legal assessment of the state of the company after ascertaining the signs of insolvency, audit of liabilities, development of recommendations and an action plan for the management of the company, preparation of a package of documents for initiation of the process of legal protection/insolvency of the company, maintenance and regulation of communication with the administrator in the process of legal protection/insolvency of the company.