Fiduciary (trust) services or trust management of assets

Some people find themselves in a situation, when the capital, which was generated through many years of work, no longer “fits” into the framework of existing business, yet, the time and opportunities to properly manage the freed resources are in short supply. In this case, trust management can be used as the efficient means of multiplying one’s assets. The trust management of capital/assets is the transfer of certain part of one’s resources to reliable professionals into management. By concluding such transaction, you can not only preserve, but also multiply your capital. Confidentiality is also preserved – trust manager operates on his own behalf, yet, when and as instructed by you. However, in case you are not ready to spend your time thinking over instructions, studying investment opportunities, defining the most perspective spheres and deepening into the details and nuances of oncoming transactions – You can fully entrust your assets to specialists, at the same time, reserving all the control and guarantee means. In this case, the trust manager will operate on his own behalf, without your instructions, yet, to your credit.

The team of professionals of the Limited Liability Company «ABLEX», with sufficient positive experience, specializes in rendering exactly these kinds of services. Using ready working business projects in the Baltic countries in the sphere of financial services (mortgage crediting (Latvia, Estonia, Russia), car leasing, pawnshop, car pawnshop, currency exchange, investment metal trading), the Limited Liability Company «ABLEX» is ready to implement your opportunities in an effective manner. The Limited Liability Company «ABLEX» ensures support in funding reception , should such necessity arise, and is also ready to multiply Your capital, involving Baltic partners in the sphere of real property trading, as well as in the sphere of development of construction projects of various sizes.

However, in case you have your own vision of investing your capital, yet, due to some reasons, you are not ready to personally participate in implementation of the business project, which is of interest to you, we are ready to represent your interests without disclosing your existence.

The specialists of the Limited Liability Company «ABLEX» will readily choose perspective business projects; develop the work scheme, which is optimal for your case, accompanying all the stages with documents prepared in a proper manner. Having extensive connections with legal, accounting firms, banks, as well as with company registrars in various jurisdictions, the Limited Liability Company «ABLEX» will provide you with reliable business instruments with the aim to optimize financial streams, multiply your resources, as well as to preserve confidentiality.

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Limited Liability Company «ABLEX»