Greetings from the team of the Limited Liability Company «ABLEX»

Our professionals work in the sphere of rendering legal services since the 2000th year. During this time, significant experience was accumulated, and we are ready to share it with our clients. We are oriented towards trust-based and long-term cooperation with our client, which is why our actions are always directed towards protection and multiplication of the clients’ assets, as well as towards protection of the interests of their families. We work in Russian, English and Latvian languages, providing daily qualitative and quick services. Should such necessity arise, our working time is not limited by weekends, holidays or time of the day. As a result, the residents/companies of the near-abroad and far-abroad countries feel comfortable to work with us. The principles of our work: operational efficiency, flexibility and confidentiality.

Today, we can be useful to you in the following way:

– registration (and the sale of ready-made), purchase and sale of companies in Latvia and outside of its borders (various jurisdictions in Europe and throughout the world), as well as further legal backing; should such necessity arise – reorganization, liquidation of companies, as well as assistance in the opening of operating accounts in various banks of Europe, Africa and Asia;

– proper preparation of commercial contracts, various protocols, complaints and letters, as well as legal appraisal of documents, which are offered by your partners/counter parties;

– transactions with real property in the Republic of Latvia (organization of independent appraisal, organization and coordination of cooperation with banks, legal backing);

– insolvency of legal entities in the Republic of Latvia (legal backing);
– acquisition of licenses, permits, coordinated approvals within the territory of the Republic of Latvia (legal backing);

– all-inclusive legal services for enterprises (enterprises in the sphere of services, construction and manufacture);

– all-inclusive services or separate activities in relation to labor safety (services of labor safety specialist – preparation of necessary documentation, appraisal of risks etc.);

– representation in court, as well as in various state/private institutions and organizations.

You might also be interested in the following directions of our activities in the Baltic States:

– trust management of assets and control over investment projects (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania), as well as organization of transnational movement of assets (in consideration of the peculiarities of tax legislation of the corresponding countries and the confidentiality interests of our clients);

– formalization of residence permits (Latvia, Estonia) in exchange for purchase of real property or in exchange for investments in the registered capital of local enterprises, acquisition of the second passport (program of acquisition of the second citizenship in exchange for investments on the Saint Kitts and Nevis Islands).

Our advantage is the ability to understand the client’s needs and to find unconventional solutions for the set tasks.