Legal protection, insolvency of companies

The legal protection proceedings (by judicial procedure/extra-judicially), insolvency proceedings for legal entities:
It is important to understand that correct preparation of the company for the proceedings of legal protection from creditor claims or for insolvency procedure greatly decreases the possibility of difficulty arising during the implementation of the proceedings themselves.
The preliminary analysis of the debtor company, existing documentation, the structuring of assets and liabilities, as well as the definition of necessary actions on protecting the founders and board of the company, allow to implement many compromises with creditors within the limits prescribed by law. In many cases, restructuring the debtor and creditor debts of the company allows to conduct the business in a successful manner.
You do not understand legal protection proceedings till the end? Is it psychologically difficult for you to define priorities in further actions, to meet creditors in person and to agree upon realistic actions? Does the bank make excessively harsh demands? Does the administrator speak in “incomprehensible language” with you?
We are sure that we will be able to help you find a solution! Our team will develop a strategy for your individual case, as well as provide all the necessary information in an easily-accessible form and in simple language! In case of necessity, our company will ensure legal backing during the whole legal protection proceedings or insolvency proceedings.
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