Local legal services

consulOur activities cover the spheres of economic, financial and administrative law and include the servicing of various spheres of commercial activities.

We offer you both qualified complex legal servicing (non-stop legal backing of an enterprise/a businessman) on a constant basis, and non-recurrent legal consultations, compilation of individual documents (contracts, letters, applications, complaints etc.), representation during negotiations and in various institutions. We also provide assistance in the recovery of receivables. We provide full legal backing of various transactions with real property, agreeing thereupon and formalization thereof in the corresponding institutions. We resolve legal issues (and, when applying in advance – we assist in avoiding their appearance) with the State Revenue Service and with other supervisory organizations.

We assist in collecting and formalizing the documentation packages, which are necessary to receive various registrations, licenses, coordinated approvals and permits; we will submit/receive your documents to/from the corresponding institution, follow the passing through all institutions (making the corresponding corrections as the case may require).

If, unfortunately, your case still goes into the sphere of legal proceedings – we are ready to compile the necessary documents and to prepare complaints, stated claims or explanatory notes for any judicial authority in a competent manner and in due time, as well as to represent you at a court session.

In order to acquire more detailed information, we offer you to contact us.