Registration of enterprises, opening of bank accounts

As of now, we are ready to offer you the companies of the following jurisdictions: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Cyprus, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Republic of South Africa, Panama, Belize, Seychelles, Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands, and Nevis Island.

When you apply to us, we do not simply register/sell a ready-made company in one of the jurisdictions of your choice. At the same time, we offer an analysis of your initial situation (current and planned activities, the ultimate objectives, which are set by you), in order to determine the jurisdiction and scheme of work, which is particularly suitable for you.  Together with you, we carry out the appraisal of profitability for the planned actions, efficiency of tax optimization, as well as the possibility of preserving your confidentiality.

When registering a new company, you have an opportunity to offer several name options (if this moment is of significance for you). Or, you choose a name from the list of existing companies (by purchasing the company, which is already registered).

Then, together with you, we will agree upon the necessary information in relation to founders and managers of the company, as well as in relation to the amount of registered capital and the registered legal entity (we provide it, should such necessity arise).

In order to register/purchase a company, it is not necessary to arrive to Latvia in person. However, depending on the jurisdiction of registration, it will be necessary to notarize some of the documents, which we prepare and send to the client. For instance, this might refer to the power of attorney for our representative (in case of non-face-to-face registration/purchase of a company of one of the Baltic States), which is signed by all the founders and then sent by courier service to our address. Or, it might be consent of a board member on holding a corresponding position in the enterprise. The registration documents (copies) of the founder of a legal entity are notarized. If you are situated in the country, with which the corresponding country of company registration did not conclude an agreement on mutual document recognition, then, aside from a notarial certification, an apostilization of the document might also be required.

The registration/re-legalization of the ready-made enterprise might take up to 5-7 working days from signing all the required documents, payment of all expenses and, in case of necessity, from payment of registered capital. For instance, the registration of a new company in the Baltic States assumes the transfer of registered capital to a bank account (with the exception of a Limited Liability Company with a registered capital of 1 EUR); that is, an enterprise will already have an account in one of the banks of the Baltic States.

For all the jurisdictions we offer assistance in opening accounts in the banks of Latvia (possible without a personal visit to the bank, the bank has Russian-speaking employees, many banks have representations in the major cities of the Commonwealth of Independent States), Eastern Europe (possible without a personal visit to the bank, the bank has English-speaking employees), Africa (possible without a personal visit to the bank, the bank has both English-speaking and Russian-speaking employees), Asia (a personal visit to the bank is required, English-speaking employees). We will send the list of banks, where we can assist in the opening of an account, as well as the small questionnaire, which assists in choosing the bank, which is particularly suitable for you, upon your request.

The cost of company registration and/or assistance in the opening of an account depends both from the company jurisdiction, which you selected, and from the ordered package of documents/services. In order to acquire more detailed information, we offer you to Contact us.