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Trust services

In the event that a relationship of the appropriate level has been established between us and the Customer, the Customer meets our requirements and does not fall under the restrictions established by us, we are ready to provide trust services related to business management, including:

Trust management of assets both in the form of companies and other corporate structures, and in the form of individual real estate objects or groups of real estate objects (including the management of residential buildings).

Representation of the interests of investors can be either one-time or episodic, for instance, at partner and other meetings, during negotiations, etc., and on a long-term permanent basis, for instance, in joint ventures at various levels of corporate structures (for instance, shareholder meeting, supervisory board, management board).

Representation of interests may include signatory services.

includes a business address in Riga and Riga region (Latvia), mail processing services (scanning and forwarding mail correspondence to the e-mail address specified by the Customer, or (if impossible due to the size of the file) saving to the cloud service and sending a link to the saved files in the cloud service). The encryption program used for mail communication is Gpg4win (GNU Privacy Guard for Windows)  (https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/GnuPG).

For an additional charge, it is possible to send mail in physical form in reasonable volumes (standard postal mail/courier mail). Long-term storage of mail correspondence in physical form is not provided.

Namely, storage and maintenance of constituent documents of the company and archive, storage of an archive of meeting minutes and resolutions of the management board/founders and other documents important for your business.

You can turn to us when looking for personnel of any level – from unskilled work to top management. We will carry out the search for an employee for long-term cooperation or a freelancer to solve short-term, one-time tasks, including the conduction of preliminary interviews.